Mitsubishi Outlander Technology Features for 2018

The 2018 Outlander has been named the top SUV for its class. It comes standard with a few amazing technology features such as a 7-inch touch screen, USB port, Bluetooth, dual-zone automatic climate control, and much more. There are some premium features which make this vehicle even better if you can afford the premium options. This includes Mitsubishi's Smartphone Link, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and satellite radio. There are also dual USB ports, push-button start, sunroof, nine-speaker Rockford Fosgate premium audio system.

The in-tech functionality of Mitsubishi....
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Driving is Easier Than Ever Before With the Mitsubishi Mirage G4

We all want to be more comfortable when we drive, and with the compact sedan, the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, you can have it. This popular sedan offers several features that makes the vehicle more comfortable and easier to use than ever.

If your leg falls asleep on long car drives, why not let the cruise control moderate the throttle for you? Just push the button when you are at your desired speed, and the cruise control will do the work for you. And what about digging through your purse or pants pockets when your hands are full of your purchases…

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The 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Technology Features

Shopping for a new vehicle can be overwhelming, but understanding what each that you have in mind has to offer can make the process easier. Are you looking for a reliable compact sedan? If you are, the 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a top choice among compact sedans. If you want to learn more about the Mirage G4, read about some of the compact sedan’s technology features below.

The Mirage G4 offers Bluetooth wireless technology. An available Bluetooth system can provide you with a smooth connection to your iPhone or Android to the Mirage G4. With this feature, you…

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Carrying Convenience in the Mitsubishi Outlander

You won't have to worry about blazing a trail on off-road terrain because the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander comes with a 2.4L MIVEC engine that gets up to 166 hp and gives you an EPA-estimated 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Also available is a 3.0L version on the GT that explodes with 224 hp.

With room for seven across three comfortable and spacious rows, the Mitsubishi Outlander has space to accommodate all members of your family are all participants of your work carpool. If you prefer to carry DIY supplies or camping equipment, you can fold…

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Maintaining Your Car for Inclement Weather

Stormy weather can not only be an inconvenience when traveling, but can also contribute to dangerous driving conditions. Keep these simple tips in mind to prepare for the next time you encounter inclement weather.

While using cruise control on a long trip is convenient, it can become a liability on wet roads, as it cuts down on driver reaction time. Keep active control of your vehicle so you can slow down when necessary on wet roads. Steer into the direction of a skid should your car begin to hydroplane. You should also keep your car's headlights, tail lights...


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Should You Have Summer Tires or All-Weather Tires?

The answer to the question of whether you should have summer tires or all-weather tires really depends on the area where you reside. Summer tires are meant to be used in warm or wet conditions, while all-weather can handle a wider range of temperatures. However, the weather at some locations can be difficult to predict.

A summer tire is designed to offer better traction in wet conditions and has a shallow and asymmetrical tread and a material made with sticky additives. These all combine to enable the tire to adhere to the road surface better. Summer tires will become rigid…

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What level of voltage means I have a bad battery?

When you jump into your vehicle and the car will not crank you suspect that you have a bad battery. The first thing to do is to turn on the headlights, jump out of your car and see if the lights are on. If the lights are on, your problem lies elsewhere. If the lights are not on or are dim, then you were probably right with your first assumption.

To confirm that your battery is bad you need to use a voltmeter to measure the charge. If you do not have a voltmeter, then you should get one. Voltmeters…

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Get Your Tires Rotated Today!

One thing that car owners often put off more than any other maintenance item is tire rotations. That is why our team here at Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City want to be sure that you fully understand the many benefits of regularly rotating your car's tires.

First, rotating your tires regularly extends their useful life. This means that you'll have to replace your tires less frequently which saves you a ton of money. Second, regular tire rotation makes for a much smoother and enjoyable ride. This is because, over time, your tires wear unevenly which can cause…

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What an Illuminated Tire Pressure Monitor Light Means

In recent years, cars have become equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)to help make driving safer. This sign illuminates on your dashboard to keep you informed of any tire pressure issues so you can arrange for the service department at Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City, GA to handle it. So don't panic if you notice that the tire pressure monitor stays illuminated, because it's providing you with valuable information.

When the TPMS becomes illuminated, it is alerting you that your tire is underinflated and your...

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Get Your Brakes Serviced at the First Sign of Trouble

Your brakes are vital to the safety of your vehicle. If you hear grinding noises when you press down on the brake, or the pedal feels spongy, it's time to head to Don Jackson Mitsubishi and talk with a technician in our service center. Don't drive around with brakes that are making noise, as the problem can quickly get worse.

Your brake pads wear down over time. If you hear squealing noises, this is usually because the brake pads need to be replaced. If the noise changes to a grinding noise, stop driving and get help for your…
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