Are you looking for the functionality of an SUV, but don't want to sacrifice on fuel efficiency? Combining the best of an SUV and car, a crossover can give you many of the benefits of an SUV in a smaller package.

Crossovers are designed to maneuver more easily in compact spaces. When it comes to a full parking lot, you can easily park and get around so you can get in and shop with ease. Crossovers can give you many of the luxury and features that you'd find in a full-sized SUV. These can include heated and ventilated seats for comfort, and some are even equipped with AWD systems as an available option. Generally, most crossovers will be a front-wheel drive by default.

Crossovers have entered the space once dominated by minivans. With a crossover, you can have ample space for your passengers and cargo with flexibility to choose.


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