Understand Your Tire Pressure Light

At DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI, we regularly encounter useful car features. One feature built into every car we sell is crucial when you drive in Union City or anywhere.

Since 2007, every new car sold in the United States must have tire pressure monitoring sensors. Each wheel on your car includes one of these sensors. If your tire pressure falls too low, the sensor illuminates your dashboard's TPMS light, which looks like an under-inflated tire with an exclamation point in the middle. This light tells you that one or more of your tires has an inflation problem you need to address.

Your TPMS indicator can light for multiple reasons. Most often, it shines because of insufficient air pressure due to suddenly cold weather, a puncture or simply the fact that air very slowly seeps from tires. Sometimes, the light's illumination indicates extreme over-inflation. Due to this array of potential causes, always check your tires' inflation with a pressure gauge immediately after you notice your TPMS light's illumination.



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