Staying Calm In The Car

You want to be able to enjoy trips in your vehicle instead of feeling sick for the entire trip. Unfortunately, there are times when motion sickness can take over. If possible, try to travel at a time when you can sleep for the duration of the trip so that you won't pay attention to your surroundings while in Union City.

Sitting the front of the car can help because you're able to clearly see the road in front of your instead of looking at the back of a seat. This means that your brain, body, and other parts of your nervous system can work together to ensure that you're traveling at the same rate of speed.

Keep some peppermint or chewing gum in your car while you're a passenger. Take your vehicle to DON JACKSON MITSUBISHI to have it cleaned as a comfortable vehicle usually feels better to ride in, which can often help with motion sickness.



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