Be Aware of Bicyclists

More and more people are riding bicycles on the busy city streets. They have the right to be on the road and to be safe. When driving on roads where bicycles may be present, it is important to exercise caution so that everyone can be safe on the roads.

When you are approaching a bicyclist, slow down. Do not pass a bicyclists unless the other lane is clear of approaching traffic. Make sure that you keep at least three feet between you and the bicyclists when you are passing. When turning, always double check to make sure a bicyclists isn't coming up along the side of you.

These are just a few safety tips that Don Jackson Mitsubishi wants you to know to be safe. When you are ready to purchase your next vehicle, come to Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City and take a test drive. You can find the vehicle that is the best one for you.



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