Maintaining Your Car for Inclement Weather

Stormy weather can not only be an inconvenience when traveling, but can also contribute to dangerous driving conditions. Keep these simple tips in mind to prepare for the next time you encounter inclement weather.

While using cruise control on a long trip is convenient, it can become a liability on wet roads, as it cuts down on driver reaction time. Keep active control of your vehicle so you can slow down when necessary on wet roads. Steer into the direction of a skid should your car begin to hydroplane. You should also keep your car's headlights, tail lights, wiper blades and tire tread in optimal condition for safe operation.

You can keep your vehicle in top shape no matter what the weather conditions are when you visit the qualified mechanics at Don Jackson Mitsubishi. They can inspect your tires for wear, ensure your headlights function properly and replace your wiper blades, keeping you safe on the road.

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