What an Illuminated Tire Pressure Monitor Light Means

In recent years, cars have become equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)to help make driving safer. This sign illuminates on your dashboard to keep you informed of any tire pressure issues so you can arrange for the service department at Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City, GA to handle it. So don't panic if you notice that the tire pressure monitor stays illuminated, because it's providing you with valuable information.

When the TPMS becomes illuminated, it is alerting you that your tire is underinflated and your tire pressure is lower than recommended for safe driving. Underinflated tires post a hazard on the streets and highways around Union City because they cause uneven tire tread wear and can even lead to tire failure.

So when that horseshoe-shaped light with the exclamation point in the center stays illuminated, be smart and drive in the direction of the Don Jackson Mitsubishi service department for reliable servicing.
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