Signs of Muffler and Exhaust Problems

When there is a problem with your vehicle, there will typically be signs that you will notice. When it comes to your muffler and exhaust, there are certain issues that will present themselves to indicate a problem. Some of these issues can include:
-A loud rumbling or clanking from your exhaust or muffler region
-Moisture leaking from your exhaust pipe
-Visible signs of rust on both of these areas
-Strong odor of gasoline when your vehicle is running
-Sudden decrease in power when accelerating
-Ongoing decrease in fuel efficiency

It is important that any of these issues be addressed if you notice they are occurring. This will ensure that your vehicle doesn't not incur any other damage. Some repairs may involve something simple like fixing a bracket on your exhaust pipe. There may be a bigger problem involved like a hole in your muffler.



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