Get Your Tires Rotated Today!

One thing that car owners often put off more than any other maintenance item is tire rotations. That is why our team here at Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City want to be sure that you fully understand the many benefits of regularly rotating your car's tires.

First, rotating your tires regularly extends their useful life. This means that you'll have to replace your tires less frequently which saves you a ton of money. Second, regular tire rotation makes for a much smoother and enjoyable ride. This is because, over time, your tires wear unevenly which can cause your wheels to come out of alignment. Your tires should be rotated once every 6,000 miles that you drive.

If you have any more tire rotation related questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have any other work done on your car, then feel free to either give us a call or stop on by Don Jackson Mitsubishi today!

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