Do You Have Tired Tires?

Tires carry the full load of your car. They take you through all types of terrain; wet, dry, smooth, rough, gravel roads, sand, mud, and everywhere you drive. The most careful driver will also wear out their tires. It is a good idea to do a visible check of your tires once in a while. Just simply take a quick glance and see if there are signs of wear and tear. There is an easy test to check for wear on a tire. If you place a penny into the tread with the head toward the tire and you see the head, then consider the tire worn. When you bring your car to our dealership, we will thoroughly check your tires and will recommend the necessary service.

Rotating the tires and checking the alignment is a must on the car to-do list. If you have either questions or concerns, our dealership at Don Jackson Mitsubishi in Union City, GA, will be more than happy to help you out.

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