Mitsubishi Starts 2017 Off on the Right Foot

It’s always good to start the year off right. It can set the whole precedence for the rest of the year, and Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. has done just that. According to, January 2017 saw a 3 percent increase in year-to-year sales from January 2016, selling a total of 6,457 vehicles through 360 different dealers. Out of the available lineup, the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Mitsubishi Mirage saw the highest year-to-year increases from the previous January. The Mitsubishi Outlander saw the highest growth. It sold 1688 vehicles, representing a 9.4 percent increase, and was able to hold on to the title of the brand’s fastest-growing model. The Mitsubishi Mirage sold 1,311 vehicles, posting a 7.3 percent increase in sales. The Outlander Sport was the volume leader for the month, selling 1,990 vehicles. We’re not surprised by the growth and volume of vehicles sold, but if you’d like to better understand why our vehicles are so popular, come by and test drive one to see for yourself.

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